Zoo Aquarium Madrid - Dynamic Rate

The Zoo Aquarium in Madrid, one of the oldest zoos

The Zoo Aquarium in Madrid is one of the oldest zoos in the world. Its origin dates back to 1770 when in El Retiro there was the Casa de Fieras, an enclosure where animals brought from other parts of the world were exhibited.

Inaugurated in 1972, the Madrid Zoo has been renovated and expanded on different occasions.

Currently the zoo offers its visitors different activities with animals every day. It is common to see exhibits of dolphins, sea lions, birds of prey or parrots. The most advisable thing is to consult the schedules of the exhibitions as soon as arriving at the park to be able to plan the day of the best possible way.

At this point it is already clear that the Madrid Zoo is a perfect place to take the children. So you can plan your visit and get an idea of what can be done in the zoo, we leave this map: